What it is - OUR MISSION

The “International Digital Tech Covid Observatory” is an independent non-profit initiative created by Ralf Haller and Lambert Montevecchi

Ralf Haller

President, CEO

High-Tech Connect &

Dr. Lambert Montevecchi

Founder & Managing Director

Boost Consulting

... which facilitates the sharing of information, experiences and the identification of best practices in the fight against Covid19.
It fosters holistic thinking, inventiveness and accelerates the deployment of solutions which truly work.

How it works

We are building a network of experts in digital technologies who are nationals and live in the country they will represent. We will require them to regularly update our community on the status of digital technology deployments in their country but also to be capable of providing an objective view on what is working and what is not. This information and global assessment of the situation will be regularly shared via the website, posted videos, articles, reports and during webinars.

Thanks to the observatory we will have an ongoing set of industry expert eyes and brains from around the world examining what is happening on the “front line”: learn from one another and actively share information and allow cross-fertilization of ideas. The idea is not to say things are perfect but rather to be open and objective and give insights on how things could work better and to assess progress.

Why it is needed

Never more than today has information sharing, knowledge spreading and the speed of reaction been so desperately needed. Conflicting or missing information and the spreading of fake news made life for doctors and care givers even more difficult.

We also want to preserve the multidisciplinary profile of our participants and we will check and encourage members to remain independent (no conflict of interest) as we believe neutrality favors openness as well as the cross- fertilization of ideas.

Our members

We are looking for healthcare experts with a deep knowledge and passion for digital technologies from around the world, if you feel you have the right profile and would like to join us, Reach out ...


I understand that this is a non-profit initiative and that I will receive no compensation or benefits from this activity. I accept to provide an update every month in the form of a short report and to participate regularly to the webinars, and other events organized around the Observatory.

Member Countries